Two Questions For Chantale or Nick

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    Two Questions or actually they might be classed as requests.
    How hard would it be to add a lower interior finish option to the wall tab. Cause currently if a stairway goes up right inside an exterior wall it is a real pain to have a gap there, to hide it you have to adjust the height of the wall below. Which i don’t like messing with because it messes with the exterior. I don’t like doing a full length wall because then it won’t auto extend to the roof on another floor. (please could we add this?

    Then another thing that really gets tiresome to me is this, (and to make it worse every house i do i think they do it on purpose because they know i don’t like it even though i never told anyone) it’s a very common thing to have a short wall sticking out into your room (kitchen, living room and maybe bathrooms) and you can set all your trim automatically but for the exposed end wall so you have to take extra time to add trim boards in that whole room using members, Could you not create a simple auto end wall trim.

    Also a future terrain request could you modify the slope terrain tool so you could choose how wide of an area you can sloped instead of it sloping the terrain all the way across, (which i don’t think ever worked for me.)

    The first two would be just great to have the last one is just a request:)

    Thanks for your response in advance?

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    Hi Conwe

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have added “Lower and Raise Interior Face” and add “End Wall Trim” to the wishlist for the development team to review.

    The last one I don’t think would happen since the spot points would be a better option in that scenario. Spot points give you more control of where the elevational changes occur.



    Thanks Chantale,

    I know I use spot points a lot then I got to 🤔 what could be quicker. Was just a passing thought. But Thanks for adding the other two appreciate it 😀


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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